I  r  m  a   I  r  s  a  r  a

“The transparency of the material leads me to look closer, almost searching for and imaginary landscape inside the heart of the ice. I find ice is very similar to other materials I have used in the past like glass, mirror and pulp. When light enters the artwork, it makes the edges more defined and frees the boundaries between artwork and the surrounding space.”

Irma Irsara's work is influenced by an interest in environmental issues in a practice that embraces techniques as diverse as fibre art, stained glass bookmaking, print, video and installation. Within the context of the Anthropocene Epoch, where human activity has been the dominant influence in altering the geographical landscape, Irsara contemplates ideas of symbiosis as a strategy for human survival.The symbiosis of organic materials with ice is particularly significant. It is the moment when nature takes over and the artist becomes the observer of new forms.

Irsara's preoccupation with nature and the environment is partly due to her upbringing in the Italian Alps, her relationship with her grandfather who owned areas of protected forest and her ongoing passion for plants and eco systems - she also studied Country Care and Conservation at Capel Manor in North London. She explores ideas of aesthetics and fragility, looking at beauty both in terms of its ability to mask and mislead, and its power to persuade and promote ideas in a positive way.

Irsara's focus has recently shifted to issues concerning invisible nature, micro pollution and micro fibre plastic, using micro-photography / film to produce her outcomes. She's a member of the Quekett Microscopy club at the Natural History Museum.

Her recent exhibition Earth is Calling explored these issues through a series of fibre art pulp works, contrasting natural, organic material with man-made plastic fibre. The artist is also presented time-lapse and micro time-lapse works of melting ice embedded with natural and man-made items sourced from various locations (including along the Thames foreshore). The accompanying sound track for these was created by musician and soundscape artist Jonathan Lambert

The process for the project involved collaboration with creatives and conversations with members of the scientific community. The artist connected with primary school classes and family groups through a number of outreach events where she explored ideas of collective responsibility, shifting patterns of thinking and ultimately, learning to adapt.

Selected exhibitions:

Crypt Gallery // The Bargehouse, South Bank // Tavistock Centre // London Canal Museum - ZERO CELSIUS + Museums at Night // Barbican Library // VZ Gallery // Islington Exhibits // Centro Trevi, Bolzano, Italy // ART BELOW billboard poster exhibition London Underground //

Mile End Park (Art Pavilion) - Regent's Canal Festival // Lauderdale House Gallery // Chelsea Library Gallery // 20/21 International Art Fair // Grand Marchè d'Art Contemporain, Paris // Affordable Art Fair // BREAKING THE MOULD - IAPMA international paper touring exhibition // ICA (LAB'05 and LAB'07 London Artists Book Fair // Islington Museum



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