My work explores issues surrounding the natural environment and our connection to it, using techniques as diverse as fibre art, stained glass bookmaking, print, video and installation.

This preoccupation with nature and the environment is partly due to my upbringing in the Italian Alps, my relationship with my grandfather who managed areas of protected forest and my ongoing passion for plants and eco systems – I also studied Country Care and Conservation at Capel Manor in North London.

The purpose of my art in relation to the audience is to connect, to interpret issues in a non-scientific way, and to bridge the gap between art and science, people and the environment.

I see myself as putting shape to thoughts and ideas, rather than packaging them. The notion of suggestion is important, to provoke a debate rather than being didactic and to meet the viewer somewhere in the middle through an experience.

I like to think that drawing attention to the basics encourages a return to the primitive and nurtures the ability to look longer and to re-connect.

“I’m searching for a primitive abstract connection to something intangible or invisible, overlooked or out-of-sight.”

Il gioco della fontana (Game of the Fountain) – cotton fibre, pigment dyes, gauze – 54 x 105 cm 2018


London Bridge Hive // Crypt Gallery // The Bargehouse, South Bank // Tavistock Centre // London Canal Museum – ZERO CELSIUS + Museums at Night // Barbican Library // VZ Gallery // Islington Exhibits // Centro Trevi, Bolzano, Italy // ART BELOW billboard poster exhibition London Underground //
Mile End Park (Art Pavilion) – Regent’s Canal Festival // Lauderdale House Gallery // Chelsea Library Gallery // 20/21 International Art Fair // Grand Marchè d’Art Contemporain, Paris // Affordable Art Fair // BREAKING THE MOULD – IAPMA international paper touring exhibition // ICA (LAB’05 and LAB’07 London Artists Book Fair // Islington Museum


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