earth is calling

Earth is Calling
Infinite Possibilities in the
Observation of Changes

Crypt Gallery 2019

In Earth is Calling, the focus of my work shifted to issues concerning invisible nature, micro pollution and micro fibre plastic, using micro-photography/film to produce many of the outcomes. In addition, the project explored the issues through a series of fibre art pulp works, contrasting natural, organic material with man-made plastic fibre and time-lapse and micro time-lapse works of melting ice embedded with natural and man-made items sourced from various locations including the Thames foreshore. The accompanying sound track for these was created by musician and soundscape artist Jonathan Lambert.

The process for the project involved collaboration with creatives and conversations with members of the scientific community. I also connected with primary school classes and family groups through a number of outreach events where I explored ideas of collective responsibility, shifting patterns of thinking and ultimately, learning to adapt.