ARTE POLPA (selection)

Arte polpa (pulp art), where the pieces are constructed with mashed, dyed fibres, uses papermaking techniques that offer the possibility to take away and add, layer down, scrape and sculpt, step on, reveal and rip, with the essence of the work always being in the paper itself. Each piece is produced by working flat, looking down, so the limits at the edge become a horizon and everything outside – the walls, the room – becomes the background to the picture, rough contours left to allow freedom between the work and what lies beyond.

“Invigorating colour pulses out from the horizons of Irma Irsara’s work. Using an unusual blend of cotton pulp and dye, Irsara creates an idiosyncratic language to describe landscape. The work is abstract and often focuses on colour and texture to suggest something of the outer world. ‘Attraverso la Finestra’ (‘Through the Window’) is evocative of artificial light invading the concaves of a dark windowed room, it radiates with pervasive, lurid, saffron yellow. This idea of creating a space beyond the image is a theme visited often in Irsara’s work expressed through illusions of light. Brushed with intense colour and abstracted forms, the images are innate, personal descriptions of the world. Irsara creates an organic, yet vibrant aesthetic distinguishing an intuitive sense of space.” – New Blood Art