Paper Pulp Process + Giveaway

Today – Thursday 11 November – I’ll be giving away a mail-art edition of 25 pieces at 12 noon on a first-come-first served basis. All I ask in return is £2 P&P to comply with Big Cartel rules.

Follow the link below to get yours.


Multiple of 25 numbered and signed on reverse

Paper pulp (cotton linters), dyes, lino printing
11(H) x 15(W) cm

Accenda la luce, nasce l’ombra

Loss of connectivity and nostalgia for past encounters and associations can lead to feelings of isolation and vulnerability. At the same time, shared life experiences creates a new social equality that connects us even though we’re kept apart.

The shift in the perception of time over the last year led to a change in my outlook. Instead of working towards a precise event or end point, I found myself looking backwards, reimagining outcomes by revisiting the past.

I looked at past work and notebooks, extracting significant words and phrases in a process of re-evaluation. I also worked on the project Accenda la luce, nasce l’ombra over the lockdown periods, a composite wall piece consisting of 72 sections with embossed and printed lettering using letterpress type and book binding press. Each standalone piece becomes part of the overall installation – a wall of fragments and random thoughts incorporating old sayings with scraps of personal nostalgic thought. The words are deliberately intended to have possible multiple meanings to reflect diverse responses to a common experience and to evoke an imagined future.

Aerial landscape 5

Aerial landscape 5 (2013) represents a view of Sussex showing a landscape delineated by boundary and colour where land meets sea.
The yellow of the rapeseed fields and light greens and browns are divided by the precise man-made geometry of dark green hedges.
I used re-cycled dyed leather where I transferred the colour onto the wet cotton pulp in order to fuse it with the existing pigment dyes.
The result is a work imbued with a feeling of nostalgia, a look back at the past from a position of borrowed time.

cotton fibre, pigment dyes
H 28 x W 36 cm

This work is available to buy from:

Paper Pulp and Type

Over the summer, I produced a series of paper pulp panels for a composite art installation. Each section will now have type added – recycled fragmented sayings and thoughts – using letterpress printing on a book press.


New Selling Platform

My new selling platform at Big Cartel is now live and includes a selection of fibre art pulpworks, etchings and digital prints. Click on the link to browse the artwork which will be updated on a regular basis. If you have any questions please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.






Uni e verso (1991) / 2 colour etching / aquatint, open bite, aqua-forte /
A/P4 (edition of 20) / Somerset White Texture 300gsm / H 35 cm x W 28 cm

Arrestarsi ai raggi notturni (2006) /cotton fibre, pigment dyes / H 31 x W 27 cm

Halse for Hazel (2015) / A1 / limited edition digital print / edition of 15 / Epson archival inks on Somerset Velvet 300gsm paper

Drawing a Line Under Torture

Drawing a Line Under Torture, Freedom from Torture‘s biennial charity art auction takes place 8 November 2017 – 12 November 2017 at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London

To bid on the work below and many other pieces, please follow the link:

All works will continue to be on display until the close of the public exhibition and will be available for collection from Tuesday 14 November 2017

Freedom from Torture is a UK-based human rights organisation, and one of the largest torture rehabilitation centres in the world; it is the only specialist national charity working to ensure the rehabilitation and protection of torture survivors seeking refuge in the UK. Since it’s establishment in 1985, more than 57,000 survivors of torture have been referred to us.

Fonte (Fount)
Cotton fibre pulps, direct dyes
52cm x 47cm
Guide Price: £760

Irma Irsara’s work is heavily influenced by the natural environment in which she grew up – the foothills of Monte Croce in the Italian Dolomites. She has a special interest in ecology, conservation and climate change. ‘Fonte’ reflects an early childhood moment in a place revisited but now changed due to the effects of stream erosion. The title refers not only to rising water through cracks in the bedrock but also the idea of innocent thought set against the backdrop of succeeding stages of life.

Irsara’s practice encompasses a broad range of media and techniques with the ‘pulp work’ representing a large part of her recent output. The wet-on-wet process involves building up strata of dyed pulp which can be further modified through embedding, sculpting, ripping, embossing etc. She exhibits both in the UK and abroad.