The new updated Encylopedia of Techniques for Crafting with Paper, produced by Quarto Books and published by Search Press, is now out. The book contains examples of my work to illustrate the
paper pulp section.

Originally, the publisher asked to use work by both John and me, as the book also has a section on pop-ups. Sadly, for reasons beyond our control, this was not to be.

Encylopedia of Techniques for Crafting with Paper covers a number of paper techniques including origami, paper sculpting, bookbinding, papier mache and pulp and other techniques. and precise, step-by-step instructions are given to learn the basics of each craft. It could be described as an introduction for beginners and students on
basic art courses.

Esperienze di colore 110 x 89cm 2009

This is the second time that Quarto books has asked me for the use of my images. Previously, my work featured in the Papermaking Techniques Book by John Plowman.

2 thoughts on “Papercrafts

  1. It was purely down to my publisher not getting the necessary forms to Quarto on time. It would have been nice for Irma and I to be featured in the same book, but this time round it wasn’t meant to be.
    Had a quick look at ‘The Book and Biscuit’ – definitely going back later for a more in-depth browse.

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