Giant Carp

‘CARP’ is a sculpture consisting of 10,000 recycled plastic bags. It is currently floating in the large pond in Mile End Park (next to The Art Pavilion) alongside Regent’s Canal as part of the Regent’s Canal Festival 2012, Rubbish Art.

The aim of the work is to create something aesthetic from rubbish, as well as highlighting the massive problem of plastic bags on the envirnoment, including their negative impact on canals and waterways.

Recycled plastic milk bottles held in place underneath keep the fish afloat and solar lights and recycled cds transform the piece at night.

After knotting and sewing a few thousand bags I could smell and feel the oil and chemicals from the bags on my hands. The smell of plastic lingered for ages.

Regents Canal Festival takes place on 13th – 15th July.!/media/set/?set=a.4078473076584.2171989.1125211061&type=1

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