The Artist Support Pledge is new scheme which aims to promote and support artists at a difficult time. The concept is simple: Artists who commit to the pledge will post images of a work that’s for sale on Instagram, for no more than £200 ($230), and each time their sales reach £1,000 ($1,155) they promise to buy another artist’s work for £200.

Selling certain works cheaper is an act of generosity on the part of artists in return for support. In addition, when an artist reaches their target, they pledge to pay it forward

The initiative was set up by Matthew Burrows to alleviate some of the stress the pandemic has caused to artists. The project, which he launched on his Instagram page, “was really a response to the current situation, a creative solution to how I might help myself but also friends and colleagues through this period, by utilizing the generosity of  the arts community”

I currently have a number of works on offer (with more to follow) which can be purchased direct or through my Big Cartel site.

links to the work (clockwise):

Riflesso di terra arida (Reflection of Dry Earth)

Artichoke Stalks

Studio con il nero (Study with Black)

Acqua limpida (Limpid Water)

Studio sull’alba 3 (Dawn Study 3) 



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