As part of the R&D process for my current project, I recently delivered two outreach events with families and school children. We looked at micro fibre plastic under the microscope and discussed it’s implications on ecosystems and the environment.

Forensic scientist Pam Hamer was very helpful in suggesting ways to test the shedability of fibres from garments and came up with a quick easy and way for children to create their own ‘microscope slides’ using clear tape and a clear backing of OHP acetate. Polorised filters help to distinguish synthetic fibres such as polmeric ones from natural fibres such as wool and cotton. One identifying feature of some synthetic fibres is the fact that they’re hollow, identifiable at magnitudes of 10x or higher.

Towards the end of May, at Alexandra Park, I was joined my members of the Quekett Club (Dennis Fullwood and Paul Smith) and Friends of Alexandra Park to deliver a joint outreach initiative which looked at Diatoms, bugs and micro fibre plastic. Local families collected samples from the surrounding area and, in my case, looked for evidence of microfibres and examined fibres on clothing.

This month, I also delivered an artist talk and workshops to Year 6 students at Netley Primary School in Camden. I talked to the children about how my upbringing in the Dolomites has informed my artistic practice, especially in terms of environmental issues. I spoke about how I’m currently using microscopes as my artists’ tools to produce video outcomes that look at micro fibre plastics. I ran two workshops where we created our own microscopic slides using clear tape and acetate. We also talked about the importance of thinking and acting intelligently in order to protect the environment. I found the children to be very open to ideas of change in order to safeguard the environment.

PULPS – Lauderdale House

Esperienze di colore 110 x 89cm 2009
Esperienze di colore (2009) paper pulp, pigment dyes 110 x 89cm

Lauderdale House (Ground Floor Gallery)
Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill, N6 5HG London, United Kingdom

Exhibition runs from:
Wednesday 27 May – Sunday 21 June 2015
(not Sunday 7 June)

Opening hours:
Wed to Fri: 11am to 4pm Sun: 10am to 5pm

Irma Irsara’s gift for emotional expression through her artworks has long been reflected in all her artistic creations whether they be pulp paper artworks, artist books, print, video or installations.
The work on show represents a selection of paper pulp works from the last 15 years, as well as a small preview of her new series of photographic prints taken during the 2013 experimental ice and light installation in the ice wells of the London Canal Museum.
The achival digital prints with their natural textures, strong electric colours, organic shapes and powerful imagery sit well beside her pulp paper artworks and display a continuity of Irma’s creative interests albeit in a different medium. The ability to work across mediums when producing artworks while retaining a strong, identifiable visual signature is a hallmark of Irma’s creative output.

– A Phelan

Event page:

Lo Spacco 88 x 63 cm 2008Lontano Ricordo di un Immagine 75 x 59 cm 2006Il fiordaliso 110 x 84 cm 2014

Pictures left to right:
Lo Spacco (2008) paper pulp, pigment dyes, bark 88 x 63 cm
Il fiordaliso (2014) paper pulp, pigment dyes, organic material 110 x 84 cm
Lontano ricordo di un immagine (2006) paper pulp, pigment dyes 75 x 59 cm



Colour Charted

I met with Amy Smith in the coffee shop at Park Theatre last week to talk about my work. Her piece which appeared in the Islington Tribune on Friday coincides with my current exhibition at Voluntary Action Islington, which runs until 11 March.

Please join me for the private view is on Tuesday 18th February, 5.30 – 8.00 pm. The address is 200A Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP. Hope to see you all there.

colour charted Islington Tribune sml

Attraverso l'organico 110 x 91 cm 2013Attraverso l’organico 110 x 91 cm 2013

Il circolo nel cerchio

zero celsius well 04

È l’inizio del tutto, quando Irma prende in prestito dalla natura un po’ di acqua, per lavorarla, trasformarla e poi restituirla. Lavorerà alacremente aspettando di scoprire il momento, quel momento in cui capirà che non potrà fare altro se non riconsegnare alla natura quel che gli appartiene.

zero celsius well 03

Le mani di Irma che plasmano, fino a quando il lavoro non sembrerà un filo teso al massimo e pronto a rompersi, sarà lì che le sue mani si fermeranno e con emozione renderanno l’oggetto. Sarà poi lei, la natura a modellare l’oggetto plasmandolo con forza e perfezione, sciogliendolo lentamente fino che tornerà acqua.


Il cerchio nel cerchio

zero celsius well 01

Un cerchio nel cerchio, un cerchio di luce che sì illumina e espande la sua tensione fino a toccare, sfiorando e scontrandosi con il cerchio del pozzo. Il cerchio del pozzo che cerca di trattenere quel cerchio di luce fino a che è costretto a respingerlo creando cerchi nei cerchi, cerchi nei cerchi….

zero celsius well 02

Inside the wells

freezer winched down well

After the three freezers were winched down into the wells, I needed to decide how to plan the space. I had a choice between making the equipment part of the exhibition by involving the viewers in the making process or focusing attention primarily on the ice installation itself.

Some people’s experience of the piece will consist of that which they see on the webcam. To avoid the freezers dominating that experience I decided to locate them in the camera’s blind spot.

This means they can still be seen from above in the museum but not from the two main vantage points. They are part of the story without detracting from the main installation.

Practicalità e pensiero.

Zero Celsius start days